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Cinh PMA-9520A1 AC Piston Air Pump UL

This is Cinh PMA-9520A1 AC Piston Air Pump, UL CE LVD Rohs approved
it is pressure type,  

it has one output nipple, 25L/m air flow rate,
It has one input hole for air input on the top, but not input nipple.
The pump is long lifetime, it can bear normal air or chemical and corrosive air.

Electromagnetic magnetic Powerful Micro Mini Air Pump.


1. Advantages: magnetic motor, super long lifetime

2. Working Ability: 25L/m for gas flowrate, can work with Ozone or Ammonia or fragrance gas.

3. Corrosive resistance advanced pump film, can carry chemical gas.

4. Lifetime more than 20000hours continuously working day and night

5. Size: 131x134x77mm

6. Outlet Dia: 7.6mm

7. Weight: 1.73kgs






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