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Cinh PBW12 DC Brushless Air Water Pump


This PBW12 DC brushless air water pump can be used to suck or press chemical corrosive gas or liquid
Diaphragm Brushless Vacuum


1. Advantages: Brushless motor, super long lifetime, super quiet

2. Working Ability: 1.3L/m for gas flowrate  320+_50mL/m for water flowrate, can work with
water or wine or oil or ozonized water flowrate or Ammonia gas or fragrance gas.
Water suctionable height 2m.

3. Control model: Fixed rpm or Speed adjustable and controllable with mcu outside.

4. Corrosive resistance advanced pump film, can carry chemical gas or liquid.

5. Lifetime more than 6000hours continuously working day and night

6. Size is ∮27x59.7mm

7. Outlet & Inlet Dia: 4mm

8. Weight: 60g





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