Simply understand what is a micro air pump

Simply understand what is a micro air pump

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Speaking of air pumps, you may only know the kind of large air pumps, but today I’m going to talk about micro air pumps. It’s probably the first time you have heard of it, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know. Now I will explain to you what a micro air pump is. Let everyone simply understand what a micro air pump is.

As the name suggests, the micro air pump is miniature and compact. The working medium is gaseous, which is mainly used as a gas delivery device for various purposes such as gas sampling, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, vacuum holding, pumping, pumping, and pressurizing.

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Micro air pumps are also divided into categories, such as by purpose: micro negative pressure pumps, micro vacuum pumps, micro gas circulation pumps, micro gas pumps, micro gas sampling pumps, micro air pumps, micro air pumps, micro air pumps, etc. Then divided according to the working principle: there are diaphragm type, electromagnetic type, impeller type, piston type and so on. General medical and health, scientific research, laboratory, environmental protection, instrumentation, chemical industry and other industries are widely applicable to micro air pumps mainly refer to micro vacuum pumps.

There are also many advantages of miniature, such as the small size that has been introduced above, and what has not been mentioned: low noise, low power consumption, easy to operate, easy to carry, maintenance-free, can run continuously for 24 hours, and also allows media rich in water vapor. In addition to the above advantages, the most important and most important thing is: because it is dry and oil-free, no vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil is required, so it will not pollute the working medium, will not interfere with the analysis of the medium, and so on. The price is also much cheaper.