Fire drill

Fire drill

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To improve employee fire safety consciousness and save your communal abilities the company through various forms to actively popularize knowledge of fire control laws and regulations and fire control safety widely mobilize employees pay attention to fire safety.  

In the two projects organized management, production workshop staff and cleaning staff etc, through the field on fire control knowledge, professor of the right way to use the fire extinguisher, fire hydrant; If there is a fire in the model building, the emergency command issues rescue instructions, arranges the emergency evacuation of all floors to a safe place, and counts and reports the number of people; Simulate elevator failure to lead to a difficult person, the monitoring personnel immediately notify the elevator safety administrator and maintenance personnel to deal with the situation after receiving a call for help... 

Through the drill, Cinhpump@ have basically mastered the handling steps after the fire, the correct use of fire equipment and the handling of the event of elevator trapped people, and achieved the effect of handling the emergency according to the emergency plan in terms of organizing personnel evacuation, timely extinguishing and reducing losses once the emergency situation occurs at the work site.