Definition of Cinhpump@ air pump

Definition of Cinhpump@ air pump

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An Cinhpump@ air pump is a device that removes air from an enclosed space or adds air from an enclosed space. Cinhpump@ air pumps are mainly divided into electric Cinhpump@ air pumps, manual Cinhpump@ air pumps and foot pumps. Electric Cinhpump@ air pump. An Cinhpump@ air pump powered by electricity uses electricity to continuously compress air to generate air pressure. Mainly used for gas pumping, sewage treatment, electroplating blasting, biogas tank aeration, tunnel ventilation, etc.

Company Profile

Yueqing Cinh Pneumatic Co., Ltd. is the branch company of CINH Group Co., Limited which is a group limited company, has been engaged in the research and development of micro Cinhpump@ air pump for more than fifteen years.With Cinhpump@ years of experience of designing and manufacture products,though established in 2017,Cinhpump@ have been a well-known group company in this industry in China.