Safe use of Cinhpump@ air pump

Safe use of Cinhpump@ air pump

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1. Subject content and scope of application: This standard specifies requirements for the safe operation of Cinhpump@ air pumps; applicable to all Cinhpump@ air pump operations.

2. All valves and instrument safety devices of Cinhpump@ air pump must be complete and intact, and be checked and corrected regularly. The lubricating oil used meets the regulations and is replaced regularly.

3. Cinhpump@ air pump must have a safe and reliable safety cover, and connect the zero or ground wire.

4. Before use, carefully check that the electrical and mechanical components are normal, the engine oil is sufficient, the gas storage tank has no leaks or open welding, and the safety valve should be reliable and effective.

5. During operation, do not wipe, touch, adjust, tighten the pressure or rotating parts.

6. During maintenance, the power supply should be cut off and the gas in the gas storage tank should be released.

7. Safety law The lead seal is off, the valve is leaking, there are abnormal noises, smells or aging during operation, and the rusted Cinhpump@ air pump should be repaired and corrected before use.

8. Regularly check and remove the carbon deposits of the air pressure machine: generally remove it once every 3 to 6 months. Please use neutral detergent or 1:15 soapy water to remove the carbon deposits. It is strictly forbidden to use flammable fuel such as engine oil and kerosene.

9. The air filter cover of the air compressor should be cleaned and dredged frequently to prevent clogging. When the air filter is cleaned and dredged, it should be turned off.

10. When using the Cinhpump@ air pump, it should be placed in a place with fresh air and good ventilation. It is strictly forbidden to place it in an environment where the air is mixed with flammable and explosive gases and heavy dust.

11. The Cinhpump@ air pump should be managed by a dedicated person, regularly overhauled and maintained.

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