Solutions to common problems of micro Cinhpump@ air pumps

Solutions to common problems of micro Cinhpump@ air pumps

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Why do some micro Cinhpump@ air pumps have similar flow and pressure parameters, but low power consumption? What are the reasons? Is there a problem?

The selection of the micro Cinhpump@ air pump mainly depends on the two main parameters of flow and output pressure, while the micro vacuum pump mainly depends on the two main parameters of vacuum and flow. When these two parameters are similar, the lower the power consumption of the pump, the better, indicating that the pump has high efficiency and most of the energy is doing useful work, which is a good thing. The most intuitive performance is low fever and low temperature rise. Some pumps are very hot after working for a while, which at least proves that the efficiency of this pump is low, and most of the electric energy is consumed on heat. If the micro pump is installed in the instrument, it is necessary to consider whether its heating will cause the temperature rise inside the instrument.

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Yueqing Cinh Pneumatic Co., Ltd. is the branch company of CINH Group Co., Limited which is a group limited company, has been engaged in the research and development of micro Cinhpump@ air pump for more than fifteen years.With Cinhpump@ years of experience of designing and manufacture products,though established in 2017,Cinhpump@ have been a well-known group company in this industry in China.